Plants vs Zombies was one of the star games on mobile devices in recent years, and it is for this very reason that its developers understood that as phones advanced as entertainment platforms, users became more demanding.


So, immediately, they felt that they had to launch a renewed version of it, so that at the time, we witnessed the arrival of Plants vs. Zombies 2, the truth is that we were all excited for this second part.

Of course, from the very mention of the name we can intuit that the game has the use of zombies as a fundamental element for its existence, these fashionable creatures due to the fame of television series such as The Walking Dead, which also has a little complex, in which you need some tips to survive and not let the zombies kill you.

But as if that weren’t enough, those of us who have been entertaining ourselves with Plants vs. Zombies in its original version since 2009 know that they now have a curious enemy: carnivorous plants!

Since Plants vs. Zombies 2 came out, we’ve heard all kinds of feedback, from that it’s a vastly improved version of the original game, to that it’s actually quite a bit poorer than the original title. And if you are one of the many users who have doubts about it, you should know that below we are going to analyze all the details related to Plants vs Zombies 2.

The basics about Plants vs. Zombies 2

In any case, we have to start by saying that when you download and install Plants vs Zombies 2 on your Android or other terminal, you will quickly realize the many elements that it maintains in common with the original game, such as the mechanics, which is almost identical to what we already knew, and even the mission is the same, eliminate the zombies using the appropriate plants.

Of course, there are some differences, such as that the beginning of the game has been expanded and improved, so that we can live a fun experience from the first moment, with a similar plot and movements. That is, if we place the screen horizontally, we will see that the zombies move from right to left, while we have to cover the gaps so that they do not continue on their way.

One similarity that we find between Plants vs. Zombies 2 and the first version of the game is that the game’s currency, that is, the sun’s rays that appear at equal intervals from the sky, may well give us a hand. And yet it is not easy to have them, since to get them, we must go for the sunflowers that produce lightning, since it is the only way to obtain all the plants we are looking for.

Players are able to complete the entire game without needing to acquire these skills, some of which can be obtained through gameplay rather than purchased. Players can start by opting for a guide on the fundamentals of the game that takes place in the present before your journey.

After the guide ends (or if you decided to skip it), you will travel to Ancient Egypt. To play the other worlds (11 in total) you have to play the first 8 levels of the world already mentioned to unlock the rest of the worlds with 10 keys.

As you complete levels you will unlock new plants, each with unique abilities and functions. Currently every week an “Epic Mission” is carried out every 7 days of a “Premium” plant, whether paid or not, in which 60 packets of seeds are normally won.

Beyond that, if you thought that Plants vs. Zombies was a bit short in terms of the possibilities with plants, you have to consider that in Plants vs. Zombies 2 the number of them has increased considerably. That is the positive part, because on the other hand we cannot lose sight of the fact that the number of zombies has also increased considerably, making the game more complicated.

With some tactical functions that have been removed to hook the newbies, since in this way the first levels are overcome a little more easily, we have to insist that in any case, each one of them offers us different internal stories, always as a way of traveling in time, for example falling in Ancient Egypt, with particularities of each historical moment that we witness.


Of course, Plants vs. Zombies 2 has adapted to the new times in every possible way, and that is why we have to say that in this update of the game, we have the chance to buy fertilizers and other improvements with real money, However, we can advance in the same way, without stopping and without missing these elements, if we contemplate all the available tactical alternatives.


Analyzing the game content detail by detail, we have to say that in terms of the screen and the controls, Plants vs Zombies 2 is really very well done, since the interaction is simple but our eyes cannot stop before so many stimuli.

If you are a lover of comics, you will be able to observe some similarities in this regard, and the music completes an experience that does not disappoint at any time, in fact you could well put on your headphones and get deeper into the game.

Speed is another of the problems that some users had when it came to the original Plants vs. Zombies, but it is clear that Plants vs. Zombies 2 has been developed with more advanced terminals in mind, and that it runs smoothly.

If you’re worried about its price, you should consider that Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a completely free game, and if you don’t want to, you can not make internal purchases, as that won’t affect how you progress in the game.


We have already gone through all the important details related to Plants vs Zombies 2, and thus, it is time to come to a conclusion about it, so we must say that the sequel is as good, if not better, than the original game. For this very reason, it is a title that can be recommended to any type of player, since it complies in terms of its plot, as it is advisable for those looking for a challenge, or something colorful to watch.

Then we have the section on internal purchases, but as we said before, you can progress perfectly in Plants vs Zombies 2 without paying too much attention to them, so the advice is not to dwell on them too much.