‘GTA VI’ is in its final phase of development. And although Rockstar has not given more details about very specific dates, status of the project and other issues, the hype is in the air. Every time some data or possible technical issue about the future game is leaked, the Internet burns, trending topics skyrocket and players wonder if this new installment will represent a revolution in the industry like all the others assumed.

To answer those questions, or at least start to do so, we’ve scoured the web for everything we know so far about the upcoming ‘GTA VI’ and answered it. When data does not exist, we have conjectured from the different possibilities on the table. This is everything we know (or think we know) about ‘GTA VI’.

What release date does ‘GTA VI’ have?

The game will arrive for PS5 and Xbox in 2025. That is what Rockstar has stated in the first trailer.

We knew something before the announcement: Rockstar claimed that it had been developing the game since before April 2020. If we have to draw some comparison, ‘GTA V’ began development in 2008 and went on sale in 2013, which gave ‘GTA VI’ a tentative date of 2025. Rockstar seemed to pseudoconfirm it when talking about releases that will set “new standards in our industry” for fiscal year 2025, that is, starting already in 2024.

Another detail provided by Rockstar that suggested that we would not have to wait five years for development is that the company has already announced that the game will have a “more contained” size and that it will grow over time, which suggests a non-development. as complex as that of previous deliveries.


In what formats will we see ‘GTA VI’?

We can say with almost complete certainty (although there is nothing official) that we will see ‘GTA VI’ on Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S, as the first trailer states and, also with certainty, but possibly some time after the initial launch , as is usual with Rockstar, on PC. It is doubtful that the studio will waste time bringing the game to PS4 and Xbox One, although the history of the franchise and its multiplicity of formats allows for some doubts.

By the way, the low stocks of Sony and Microsoft consoles are what made certain analysts think that 2024 is still early for the launch.

Is there a trailer?

Until now, in both ‘GTA V’ and ‘Red Dead Redemption 2′, the announcement of the game was accompanied by a trailer a few days later. But this time the communication has been made through a post in a community forum, without many ceremonies. And some time later, on December 1 and through social networks, it was announced that the first trailer would arrive on December 5. However, a leak has changed Rockstar Games’ plans, and the first trailer for the game is already among us.

What settings are being considered for this installment?

Vice City and, beyond that, Leonida’s status is what is confirmed in the trailer. Before that there have been rumors, some more reliable than others. There is talk, obviously, of an absolutely monstrous mapping (despite other sources that speak of a more contained space with successive expansions), and the specialized channel ‘Inside Gaming’ talks about the project being developed under the code name ‘Project Americas’. ‘.
For a time, the possibility was considered that it could be circulated not only throughout the country, but directly throughout the entire American continent. Tom Henderson already announced that, possibly, things would not go that far.

The theme of the game is said to be related to drug trafficking, which would make sense of this return to Vice City (being Rockstar’s Miami, especially suitable as that bridge between the two Americas. Other rumors (for example, a Reddit post that has now disappeared) spoke of different eras and new cities, such as one based on Rio de Janeiro. Again, Henderson was contrary to this opinion. In this same leak, there was already talk of a female protagonist for the first time in history of the series, of Latin origin and with another character who would turn the plot into a story influenced by Bonnie and Clyde.
Finally, there may be the possibility of leaving the United States. In an interview with Dan Houser dating back to no less than 2013, he stated that “right now, it seems like GTA’s DNA is contemporary, American, English-speaking, because that’s what it’s been… But that doesn’t limit it.” necessarily to that, it’s just what we’ve done so far. That is, the doors are open to virtually any scenario. And in any case, Dan Houser, co-founder of Rockstar and mastermind of GTA since the start of the series, is no longer with the company, since he left it in 2020.