We Are Warriors: Improve your gaming experience, dominate the battlefield

We Are Warriors is an exciting game that puts players in the heart of historical warfare, where strategic excellence and command on the battlefield are the keys to victory. In this exciting game, you will play as a powerful general, leading your army through different historical eras, from the prehistoric Stone Age to the high-tech Modern Age. With the power of evolution at your fingertips, you’ll assemble formidable units, manage vital resources, and engage in epic battles that will test your tactical skills. Whether you ride into battle on the back of a dinosaur in the Stone Age, lead Spartan Warriors in the Iron Age, or command advanced tanks in the Modern Age, We Are Warriors offers a rich and challenging gameplay experience.


Diverse units in the latest version of We Are Warriors: Master the art of war

In this article, we’ll explore the world of the latest version of We Are Warriors and learn about the exciting range of units available to players. From the powerful Dino Riders of the Stone Age to the formidable Spartan warriors of the Iron Age and the advanced tanks of the modern era, each unit brings unique strengths, challenges and motivations that play separate games.

Stone Age – Dino Riders

Release prehistoric power.In the Stone Age of We Are Warriors, the Dino Riders feature prominently. These prehistoric creatures add a unique flavor to the game with their brute strength and agility. As a time-traveling general, you must master the art of commanding these ancient beasts to gain the advantage on the battlefield. Whether it’s the speed of a velociraptor or the strength of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, each Dino Rider unit offers a different tactical advantage, making Stone Age battles an exciting adventure.


Iron Age – Spartan Warriors

Heroes of courage and strength. As you progress through the Iron Age, you will encounter the legendary Spartan Warriors. These warriors are the epitome of courage and strength, known for their unwavering bravery on the battlefield. In We Are Warriors, commanding the Spartan Warriors is both an honor and a challenge. Their disciplined fighting style and formidable skills make them a force to be reckoned with. Players must use strategic formations and tactics to maximize the potential of these iconic warriors and achieve victory in this historic era.

Epic Battles in We Are Warriors: Where Strategy Meets Glory

  • Desire to conquer: As a general in this virtual world, you will find yourself immersed in epic battles where the fate of your empire is at stake. The feeling of defeating the enemy and winning is a feeling like no other.
  • Strategic brilliance: They require careful planning, a clear strategy and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Each battle presents its own challenges and you must devise the right tactics, deploy your units effectively and take advantage of your opponents’ weaknesses. It is a true test of your leadership and decision-making skills.
    Fight through historical eras: What makes We Are Warriors different is the ability to fight in different historical eras. Whether it’s the Stone Age, the Iron Age or the Modern Age, each era has its own challenges and opportunities. This variety ensures that no battle feels the same and you must adapt your tactics accordingly.