Free Fire is a game that undoubtedly gives a lot to talk about in all its aspects, this Battle Royal for Android as the only platform, is one of the games with the most mediocre and lousy graphics that exist in the video game market, its users idolize this game as the only and powerful one, when it is true that a true player never criticizes a game, but it is clear that it is necessary for its developers to innovate and keep their users glued to their news, but the case of Free Fire is a failure from beginning to end, with lousy flat graphics, lazy and robotic annotations, hackers that affect the good gameplay, little attention from the developers to their players and the main thing that I hate about this game when I poor it is its Pay To Win , currently the game has characters with special abilities which you can use in the combat field, but these have a cost, which have an additional advantage over other players.


The battle royale of android!!

A fairly well-known game among android players, a game that many people play, it could be said that it is a highly valued game among users.

It is a battle royale type game where our objective is clearly to be the last one standing playing like this against 50 players on an island, it is a game that in my opinion does not compare with the great battle royales such as fortnite, pubg among others, but still So there it is worth noting that it is very funny.

Its graphics are not its forte, but for a better quality there is the option “ultra graphics” my experience has been good, and I could say that it is the best battle royale on android!!


Good morning ladies and gentlemen, a fraternal greeting, today I will come to talk about a game called Free Fire, this is a game created by GARENA in which it is very good since it can be accessed from an ANDROID or IOS cell phone that is currently in the century XXI who does not have a cell phone, this makes it increasingly addictive to be able to play it without stopping, since you take your cell phone everywhere, apart from the fact that it is not so heavy, and also you do not need a good internet or a range cell phone registration to be able to play or run the game, I say this from experience, since I have a lousy internet as well as my cell phone, but nevertheless I can play this great game. and also surely you, since you can take your cell phone everywhere it is not like a PC that has to be in one place (with this I am not criticizing the PC or its games on them), which gives it an advantage more to this great game


In Free Fire, like any game, you can put money in it, in this case when you put it in it is to buy gems, which are like coins, with which you can buy characters, weapon skins and also clothing sets, which look very well within the game, apart from that it must be said that it has too many game modes, but I will focus more on what Free Fire itself is, some say that this game is PAY TO WIN, that having some characters have a certain ability just like weapon skins, which gives more damage to the opponent, that does give a certain advantage but if you win, and play for a while with a little practice and time you can beat anyone, even so the opponent having exclusive skins, With this I want to tell you that THE SKINS DO NOT MAKE THE PLAYER, THE PLAYER MAKES THE SKINS, what is the use of having an expensive inventory, so that in the end you do not know how to shoot, apart from the time you play, I am sure you will have a skin very cool : ), everything you will achieve with this game will be with effort and dedication and you will be able to climb to the maximum rank, I am sure of that if you really want it


In conclusion, I invite you to play this wonderful game since it is FREE and accessible to everyone to play this wonderful shooting game, in which it is not necessary to have the best resources for them, everything will be worth the incredible ability you will have to win In this game, I know you have it, friend, you only want to if you want to achieve your goals.