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Science made simple: what are neutrons?

  By US Department of Energy June 10, 2023 Neutrons, subatomic particles found in every atom except hydrogen, are used in scientific research for the non-destructive analysis of materials through a method called neutron scattering. Discovered in 1932 and naturally present thanks to cosmic rays and terrestrial radioactivity, the contributions of neutrons have extended to […]

$78.4 Million NIH Grant Supports Tufts CTSI to Advance Clinical and Translational Science Research

$78.4 Million NIH Grant Supports Tufts CTSI to Advance Clinical and Translational Science Research

Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) has received a $78.4 million clinical and translational science award from the NIH, the fourth consecutive grant since its founding in 2008. The grant provides federal funding over the next seven years to support research services, resources, and educational programs, and local, regional, and national initiatives. The award […]

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PSU graduate Karelly Ramirez-Wade strives to make STEM more accessible: ‘Science is for everyone’

In ninth grade, Karelly Ramirez-Wade’s chemistry teacher in Monterrey, Mexico, picked her up while he was handing out quizzes to students. She had let someone copy her work and he caught it. Instead of punishing Ramirez, he encouraged her to take pride in her work and told her something she didn’t hear very often: “You’re […]

US Supreme Court

U.S. Supreme Court upholds Voting Rights and Election Science Act, for now

Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court issued a historic and somewhat unexpected decision that upheld both the Voting Rights Act and election science. In Allen vs. Milligan, Chief Justice John Roberts, joined by Justices Ketanji Brown Jackson, Elena Kagan, Brett Kavanaugh, and Sonia Sotomayor, rejected the State of Alabama’s argument that only “racially blind” redistricting […]

Jordan Morrison will work as an environmental scientist at Burns & McDonnell, an architecture and engineering firm with more than 5,300 scientists, engineers, architects, consultants, construction professionals and contractors.

Channeling science and education into a unique career path

Jordan Morrison continues to blaze new trails in environmental education. Jordan Morrison, a graduate in the class of 2023 and a double major in Biology and Education Studies, was able to combine her interests in science and education at High Point University. This combination has created a specialized career path that she plans to follow. […]

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Teaching science through theater

Source: LisaBMarshall/Pixabay Last month, I took a course in narrative economics from Robert Shiller of Yale University in which he explained the importance of interdisciplinary connections in education. Shiller quoted the 19th century philosopher of science William Huo, who said, “The departmentalization of American universities…deprived institutions of teamwork and intellectual integration. The remedy lies in […]

Boca Chica Texas Starship

Discover science in Texas with Science Near Me

The Science Near Me blog is a partnership between Discover magazines and On April 20, 2023, SpaceX’s spacecraft, the most powerful spacecraft ever built, lifted off from the company’s Starbase launch facility in Boca Chica, Texas. It was an exciting display of engineering feats and a preview of future missions that could send humans […]

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Europe’s largest science panel backs call for a moratorium on deep sea mining

The Scientific Advisory Board of European Academies has announced its support for a moratorium on deep-sea mining. In a new report, the council expresses skepticism about the need for deep-sea mining to meet the critical mineral needs of renewable technologies. He also points out that deep sea mining would cause irreparable damage to marine ecosystems […]

KISS method for the preparation of 2D materials: opening up new possibilities for materials science

KISS method for the preparation of 2D materials: opening up new possibilities for materials science

Artistic representation of the KISS exfoliation, showing a 2D layer separated from the bulk crystal and left on a gold substrate. The 2D material is then measured by photoelectron spectroscopy to study the electronic structure, an example of which is visible in the background. Credit: Antonija Grubišić-Čabo and Dina Maniar Almost 20 years have passed […]