ANDI sweating robot dummy head connected to wiring.

This very sweaty robot measures how heat affects humans

Researchers at Arizona State University are using a breathing, sweating humanoid robot to study the effects of extreme temperatures on the body, including, yes, butt sweating. But as strange as ANDI (and its background) may sound, the device could help experts better design products, methods and treatments to keep people safe as the planet continues […]

American crocodile floating in a river in Costa Rica

Crocodile’s ‘virgin birth’ is a first in science history books

Stories of virgin births, where young are produced without fertilization, have been told throughout history. Mars the ancient Roman god, Horus the ancient Egyptian god, and Qi from ancient Chinese mythology were all born of virgins. But virgin births actually happen in the natural world. The first evidence of a virgin birth in crocodiles was […]

Octopuses 'rewire' their brains to adapt to different ocean temperatures

Octopuses ‘rewire’ their brains to adapt to different ocean temperatures

California two-spotted octopuses (bimaculoid octopus) can modify their RNA in response to changes in ocean temperature. (Image credit: Tom Kleindinst) As the seasons change, octopuses rewire their brains to adapt to fluctuating ocean temperatures, a new study has found. Octopuses and other cephalopods are cold-blooded or ectothermic, meaning they cannot internally regulate their body temperature. […]