Through a live broadcast, the developers of Minecraft have revealed all the news that will come to the game in the next Update 1.20. A patch that will include new default skins, blocks, and very interesting objects.


Minecraft has been able to make it through its first decade of life in top form, and while we wouldn’t think to take credit for an extremely dedicated community that keeps it fresh with content creation or mods, updates also play a key role. . Each new patch improves the base game experience and offers endless possibilities and that is just what is about to happen.

All the new Minecraft in Update 1.20
Although the avatars are a mere canvas for the players to carry out the customization, from Mojang Studios they have wanted to introduce new characters. The key theme of the entire Minecraft Update 1.20 is diversity, self-expression, and the ability for players to tell stories through this game. In this sense, the developers consider it essential “that everyone feel welcome” and have added a total of seven characters. Of course, each one with different physical characteristics to meet its integrating objective.

A new type of banners arrives in Update 1.20
One of the coolest novelties revealed in the presentation are some new signs that players will be able to “craft” during the adventure. We are referring to the hanging signs, which can be built with all types of wood and placed as an advertising banner, a sign on the public highway or whatever else we can think of. The main objective is to signal, although there will surely be players who will find alternative and even better functions for it. One of these little additions that we love to allow us to take storytelling much more seriously.

In addition to its decorative or construction use, this new material will make it possible to create a new block that will be placed to form beautiful mosaics and will also be used to make rafts. The objective of these new boats is what, we repeat, marks the entire update. It does not add new functions, but it does give it a more adventurous touch and a different aesthetic to the existing vehicles that allowed us to sail the seas.


The new block to create libraries arrives in 1.20
If we talk about interesting things that come in the next “update”, this is one that takes the cake. From now on we can build bookcases that will function as furniture. This means that, indeed, we can physically place all kinds of books there. Also, this block can be combined with the Redstone.

Camels come to Minecraft
This is the simplest novelty of all, but we like it no less for that. They can be used as a mount and to feed them we will have to give them cactus.